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     All technical data on the website is edited according experiment of occasion or library and report of our customer, it is impossible to include all possibility working condition , so we don’t assure the accommodated seal and working condition can completely satisfy the practice working condition. So, for special working condition and occasion, please contact our technical department to research specially.

     All pressure,temperature, speed and PH value display in this website is the max value of experiment, please pay attention to that because of manual restrict of each working parameter, the max value should be a little lower.

    WUHAN BGMSEAL Co., Ltd is a compact, all-around high-technology company professional in sealing problem for industrial and mineral equipment including designing,producing selling and service, locate in Center of China- WUHAN, with superiority location and convenient transport. Products service cover all over China. The brand is well-known at inland. BGM product is produced strictly following the standard of Germany seal, product range including all rotary and stationary occasion. Widely used in power-plant, chemical industry, spaceflight, sea transport , shipping-building, automobile, pharmaceutical, Food industry,Spin ,Dyeing industry and so on.                              More...

Domestic Hot-line :027-84838841   Fax:027-84839317   24 hours technique support :15827196130
Company Address:WuHan sale and technique support center:NO.28 Xiongchu Street  WuHan
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  Recently there are many past agent we EkkBurgmann company product units and individuals, in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Jiangxi Nanchang area, modeled on the company website format and content, making false website publicity, and even fake my company name, product type, stealing our quotation and contract document format, on the network to sell counterfeit counterfeit, causing a serious impact to our company brand image, please pay attention to distinguish each user. If you have any questions, please contact Burgmann seal headquarters,Tel: +86-027-84838841.